I’m a evolutionary biologist who loves data of all kinds. Finished my Ph.D. on insect immunology in 2016 and now looking to transition into a career in data science. I’m a massive football (soccer) nerd and like to test out new methods for analysis and visualisation using football data (see my blog posts).

Data-driven evolutionary biology Ph.D. graduate looking to transition into a career in data science. Expertise in data mining, statistical analysis, data visualisation, and data warehousing (7 years experience R; 7 years MS Excel; 2 years SQL and C++). A keen interest in predictive analytics and machine learning would be nourished by a role in business intelligence or quantitative finance. Currently gaining industry experience through two internships; one at a business intelligence and data warehousing consultancy and one at a technology-centred educational consultancy.

Research Interests

data mining + web scraping, predictive analytics, machine learning, automated image analysis, motion tracking, spatiotemporal data, time series analysis

See my projects or CV for more.